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Risk & Compliance

In the business world, new opportunities call for the investigation of integrity of the relationship, which brings a considerable amount of analysis on the positives, potentials and risks.

DZ provides tailored Risk & Compliance services to private clients according to their obligations and needs.

We can offer name screening services, which include sanctions check, PEP checks, fraud checks and adverse media checks on corporate entities, their Ultimate  Beneficial Owners and other individual entities. The service includes the identification of such Ultimate Beneficial Owners by the use of international official Company Registries and/or open sources.

The background checks would include verification whether the legal entity or Natural person is linked to:

  • Sanctions by various international bodies, such as OFAC, EU, UN etc…

  • Politically Exposed Person (PEP) as defined by the Maltese Anti Money Laundering Act

  • Fraud

  • Financial Crime, including Money Laundering, Funding of Terrorism, embezzlement of funds, extortion, organized crime and similar offences

  • Adverse media

Our experience and attention to detail, support us in delivering a thorough inspection with scrutiny and identify the right prospects to our clients. Depending on the requirements of the client, we may also commission a detailed on the ground Background Verification Report (BVR), in order to cater for any matters arising in the report prior to submitting any application for residency or citizenship. All of our trusted partners are fully regulated to carry background verification reports on prospective applicants and their dependants.

Our team is experienced in performing the required checks in line with international Anti Money Laundering regulations.

Move into new ventures with confidence