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Malta Permanent Residence Programme

In March 2021, Residency Malta agency launched the new Malta Permanent Residency Programme [MPRP] (L.N 121 of 2021) replacing the Malta Residency Visa Programme [MRVP] (L.N 288 of 2015) with the aim of streamlining the programme and strengthen its benefits.

The new Malta Permanent Residence Programme offers a unique opportunity to foreign individuals and their families to apply and acquire a permanent residence in a European country. Beneficiaries will have the right to settle and reside permanently in Malta or Gozo with direct investments that includes a property investment for the family to enjoy, and other contributions towards the Maltese government.

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Key benefits for Maltese Permanent Residency:

  • Member country of the European Union (since 2004), part of the Schengen area (since 2007) and member of the Commonwealth of Nations (since 1964);
  • Free movement within the entire Schengen area;
  • One of the safest countries in the world (according to the World Risk Report);
  • Malta is an economically stable country with a credit rating A + showing one of the highest economic growth rates among all EU countries;
  • There is no obligation to know the Maltese language;
  • The right to reside in Malta without any restrictions and no obligations to reside any minimum number of days;
  • No age restrictions for children to be included as part of the application, provided that they are not married and confirmed as financial dependent of the main applicant;
  • Option to add additional family members after residency certificate has been issued;
  • The applicant and his/her spouse can include financially dependent parents as part of the application;
  • Exceptional education and leading health care system ranking in the top 5 (according to WHO);
  • The residence card is issued for 5 years renewable for period of 5 years thereafter.

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