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HealthCare and Medical in Malta
HealthCare and Medical in Malta

Navigating the Maltese Healthcare System

If you're a new resident in Malta or considering Malta Citizenship by Investment or other residency options, understanding the healthcare system is crucial. Malta offers a warm Mediterranean climate, an English-speaking population, and high educational standards. However, its top-rated healthcare system (even ranked fifth worldwide by the World Health Organization in 2000) is an essential factor to consider when relocating.

Malta operates a dual healthcare system, consisting of public and private provisions. Free healthcare, funded through taxation, is only accessible to Maltese residents who are employed in Malta, have a social security number and pay social security contributions. This system, known for its robust network of general practitioners, offers comprehensive medical services free at the point of service. 

When it comes to foreign residents or those seeking or having obtained citizenship by investment, the Maltese Ministry of Health stipulates that valid, private medical insurance is a requirement. Applicants have the flexibility to choose from different tiers of coverage based on their healthcare needs and personal circumstances.

Public Healthcare in Malta: Comprehensive Services for Residents

Malta's public healthcare system offers various services, including policlinics, hospitals, daycare, elderly care, and specialised care. It provides over 50 primary care services nationwide, mainly offered through: 

• Mater Dei Hospital 
• 10 strategically located Health Centres
• 54 Community Clinics
• The National Screening Centre
• The Occupational Health Unit
• The Telemedicine 24/7 Client Support Centre
• Three Centres of Excellence in Primary Eye Screening, Speech and Language Pathology, and Podiatry

Other healthcare facilities include the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, which offers comprehensive cancer care, with the Rainbow Ward specialising in pediatric oncology. Elderly care services are provided at Karin Grech Hospital for daycare and Saint Vincent De Paule for residential care. 

Malta is also at the forefront of mental health and healthy living, with mental health hospitals like Mount Carmel, eating disorder treatment centres like Dar Kenn għal Saħħtek, suicide crisis helplines like Supportline 179, and 5 community rehabilitation centres spread across the island. 

Private Healthcare in Malta: Personalised Care and Shorter Wait Times

In addition to public healthcare, there are private hospitals in Malta, such as Saint James Hospital, Saint Thomas Hospital, and Da Vinci Health. These facilities offer many services, including specialised treatments not always available in public healthcare. Many expats and residents choose private healthcare in Malta for its personalised care and shorter waiting times.

Specialised private clinics, such as St Anne's Clinic and Remedies Clinic, offer various medical and diagnostic services. 

Some facilities offer extensive services in the fields of esthetics and vision correction, such as Saint James Eye Clinic, Persona Med-Aesthetic Centre and Transforma.

Health Insurance in Malta: Essential for Comprehensive Coverage

In Malta, public healthcare is available to Malta-employed residents with a social security number payees of social security contributions. Meanwhile, foreign individuals seeking or having obtained residency or citizenship without meeting the criteria, must secure private health insurance. Several health insurance companies offer different health insurance plans and healthcare packages to suit varied needs.

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