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Revolutionising Workspace Design: A Look Inside DZ Advisory's Innovative Office

DZ Advisory unveiled its new office space, embodying a fusion of luxury and confidentiality that mirrors its clientele’s demands. This innovative space, created through a groundbreaking collaboration with Archi+ and Fino, showcases a blend of visual appeal and functionality, driven by a commitment to employee well-being and client privacy.

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Located in the bustling Quad Central, in the Central Business District, DZ Advisory's office transcends mere functionality; it stands as a beacon of thoughtful and intentional design. 

A Look Inside DZ Advisorys Innovative Office_7Positioned strategically on level 10 of the third tower, the office benefits from unmatched views that continuously inspire those within its walls. Selecting this location underscores the firm's progressive mindset and dedication to fostering a space that encourages creative thinking and employee well-being. The integration of the city's dynamic landscapes into the office's design not only motivates the DZ Advisory team but also leaves a lasting impression on clients and visitors.

A Look Inside DZ Advisorys Innovative Office_6The office’s design thoughtfully navigates the balance between open, inspiring spaces, and the need for confidentiality. This is evident in the advanced keycard access system ensuring a safe and private environment for clients and staff. There is also a seamless integration of luxurious, accessible restrooms, a staff kitchenette with scenic views, and private workspaces optimized for comfort and productivity.

A Look Inside DZ Advisorys Innovative Office__3The office celebrates custom craftsmanship, featuring distinctive elements like oak wood, curved to echo the office’s circular layout, and Nero Marquina marble, set against matte black finishes for a striking contrast. The reception's distinct flooring pattern effectively separates different office areas, demonstrating acute attention to detail in design and decor. It also includes the uniquely circular reception desk, and the classic yet modern mix of wood and black elements, complemented by select art pieces from Hom Nguyen.

Three boardrooms highlight the office’s custom-designed features, two of which offer distant views of Sliema and Valletta, reinforcing the connection between interior elegance and the external world. 

A Look Inside DZ Advisorys Innovative Office_2The primary board room serves dual purposes, acting as both a meeting space and an art gallery showcasing Jonone's abstract works, complete with cutting-edge soundproofing to accommodate groups of up to 10. The second board room's design echoes the DZ Advisory logo, embracing the company’s visual identity.

Meanwhile, the third meeting space boasts views of the Quad’s plaza, bringing the piazza’s vibrancy into the tranquil office setting.

A Look Inside DZ Advisorys Innovative Office_4The terrace extends the workspace outdoors, offering 360-degree views with breathtaking panoramas of Mdina and Mosta, underscoring DZ Advisory's commitment to a workspace that not only drives innovation and productivity but also deeply connects with the external environment.

Ultimately, DZ Advisory's office is not just a place of work; it is a hub of inspiration and innovation, where every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance the working experience. From the security of entry to the aesthetics of the decor, and from the functionality of the meeting spaces to the breathtaking views from the terrace, the office embodies the company's vision for a harmonious blend of form and function. 

DZ Advisory specializes in assisting diversified clientele in expanding their wealth and business ventures in Malta, an ever-growing country strategically located in the centre of Mediterranean, between Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our array of services include Citizenship and Residency by Investment Personal Tax & Estate Planning, Risk & Compliance, Jets & Yachts, Fintech and other investments in Malta. DZ Advisory is a licenced agent by Community Malta Agency and Residency Malta Agency with licence no AKM-DZAD. Get in touch by sending us your details and enquiry 

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